Personal Medication List

Our pharmacist can provide you with an updated list of your medications at any time. Also called a medication record, this list includes the names, strengths and dosages of your prescriptions on file. Don’t hesitate to ask for your list!

Do you know the names and strengths of all your medications? If not, this could cause a problem if you consult a doctor or pharmacist who isn’t your usual health care professional, or if you have a record with multiple doctors or pharmacies. This puts you at risk of getting a medication that isn’t right for you or that could interact with other drugs.

To avoid these problems, you should only go to one pharmacy for your prescription drugs, and you should ask our pharmacist for an updated list of your medications. Your medication record indicates the names, strengths and dosages of all your prescriptions on file. Information about your allergies and health problems is also included. Keep this list in your wallet or purse so that it’s always handy in case of emergency. We’re here to help you take care of yourself!

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