At Revolution Remedy’s Rx, we care about your health and wellness. Our registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians offer fast, friendly service. We accept most major insurance plans. When you choose Revolution Remedy’s Rx, you are choosing a community business with a staff that cares about your complete health and wellness.

Your Medication Expert and Healthcare Advisor

Available every day of the week, our pharmacist is a great partner who looks after your health and well-being. Learn more about our pharmacist’s professional skills, role, and range of services.

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Medication Review

Health and medication are complex subjects! It’s often difficult to get the information you need and can trust. Fortunately, our pharmacist can provide you with a medication review to explain each of your medications in detail.

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Prescription Transfers

At one point, you may want to transfer your prescriptions to our pharmacy, for example, after you move. This can be done for most medications when you have a valid prescription. Find out more about this useful service.

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Personal Medication List

Our pharmacist can provide you with an updated list of your medications at any time. Also called a medication record, this list includes the names, strengths and dosages of your prescriptions on file. Don’t hesitate to ask for your list!

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Substituting Prescription Medications

If your prescribed medication is unavailable because of a supply disruption, our pharmacist can substitute it with an equivalent one. Learn more about equivalent medications that keep your treatment going when the unexpected happens.

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Adjusting Personal Medications

Did you know that when you get a new prescription or prescription renewal, our pharmacist may adjust your dose or dosage or change the drug form? Learn more about how our pharmacist makes it easier for you to take your medication.

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Compliance Packaging

Do you find medication labels hard to read because the print is so small? Ask our pharmacist for labels in larger print. You’ll see things much more clearly!

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