The RT-PCR tests and rapid antigen tests detect SARS-CoV-2 infections. Both tests offer the advantage of deterring the spread of COVID-19 by identifying positive cases. Patients benefit from understanding the way each test works.

COVID-19 PCR Testing

Price: $105.00

  • Asymptomatic Testing now available.

  • These tests are restricted to those without symptoms and no recent exposure to a known COVID-19 patient.

  • Test results available within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Documentation of COVID test results will be provided for your work or travel needs.

  • COVID-19 travel clearance requirements vary by country. Information can be found on your travel destination's website.

  • Your destination may have different requisites relating to duration of test validity. Please make sure you choose your appointment time appropriately

Rapid Antigen Testing

Price: $40.00

  • We are now offering Covid-19 Rapid Antigen testing. These tests can also be used in work environments where negative tests are required before employees access sites.

  • Asymptomatic Covid-19 rapid Antigen testing on site now available and administered by our team of pharmacists, with secure documentation available within 15 mins to 20 mins of testing.

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