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Revolution Remedy’sRx has a team on duty to help you manage your family’s medication and health care needs. From advice on what to take for a common cough and cold to helping you manage a new prescription medication, our team is here to help.

Pharmacists are the most accessible health care provider in your community and are an excellent source of health information and support. They are an important part of your health care team, often consulting with you, your doctors, and health care workers to achieve the best possible health results. When you have your prescription filled at one of our pharmacies, your Revolution Remedy’sRx Pharmacist will:

Review each prescription with you for proper drug and dose
Screen your computer file for allergic reactions and possible drug interactions
Help you understand your health condition
Discuss with you how to get the most from the new therapy by reviewing how the medication works, how it should be taken, and what to do if you experience any side effects.

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